Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Happy Birthday!

Yesterday I turned 28.

It was a good day.

I started out by going to the temple.
(the first time I've done that on my birthday. i like it. i think i'll do it again.)

Then I went to lunch with a friend.
Olive Garden.
(came home with a boxes for leftover lunch and leftover dessert.)

Went on a walk with a friend and my Dingo.
beautiful day!
(decided that we should have the bonfire we've been talking about having for the last month)

Went to dinner with my family-that-I'm-living-with (minus Rob - he had to work) at the Cheesecake Factory
(my first time there. it was really good. for dessert i had... strawberry shortcake - at my sister's suggestion. it was a good suggestion.)
(and I came home with leftover dinner, and leftover dessert)

Had an appointment with my Bishop. The executive secretary brought me a cupcake to celebrate. (:

And ended with a bonfire in the backyard.
so fun.

Ben, Annikki, Robbie (in the flames, look closely!), Justin, and me

Ben, Robbie, Justin, me, and Annikki
we need to do it again.

It was a great day.

bonus: I didn't do any reading for class.
I should have done some reading for class... oops.


Heather & Matt Fisher said...

Yea!! Happy birthday!! sorry I missed it!!

faith said...

sounds like a very happy birthday. and i'm glad we got to see you in the morning! what a treat. :)

Katie Rod said...

yay! What a great day. And you didn't get cheesecake at the Cheesecake factory??

Rebecca said...

OH what a wonderful sounding day! Happy late Birthday!!!! I just bet this year is going to be fantastic....I feel it!