Thursday, November 19, 2009

): ): ):

An hour or so after I posted my excitement for tomorrow's concert, I found out...


All I heard was that it was going to be rescheduled early next year.

Emily (my co-concert-goer) and I were hoping that it would not be rescheduled in February as she is going to be married on 13 February.

Then I saw Heather's comment (thanks again, Heather) that got me to the venue site saying it was rescheduled for 19 Feb.

Emily can't go.

I'm looking for another co-concert-goer.

Reason for the cancellation - Elton John has swine flu and e coli, and Billy Joel recently came down with a "mysterious illness."

I hope neither one of them dies.

we bought our tickets in August.
this doubles my anticipation time.
i'm not so fond of that.


k. double-u. said...

Elton John has swine flu? So sad. I'm sorry you have to wait so much longer!

simplysarah said...


I say, that gives you three months to find a hot guy to take with you. No offense to your friend Emily, but...picture it and hot date digging great music could be awesome ;)

Matt Neal said...

I went to the Elton John and Billy Joel concert when I was a senior in high school, by myself, and spent more on a ticket than I will disclose at this time and is still one of the high lights of my existence! Hope it works out!