Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Memory

photo found here - this is not my sister (:

once upon a time my sister wanted/needed a haircut. my mom, being too busy, told her to have me do it. i was reluctant. i had cut my own hair (straight across, taking forever to get it even) a few times, but that was it. being forced into it, i started. i started at one side (her left, i think) and made my way around to the front right. by the time i got there, it was too late to stop what had been a gradual increase that turned not so gradual by the end. when i saw what i had done i couldn't hide the horrified look on my face. thinking i was joking, she asked, 'what?' i grabbed one side of her hair showing her the length, then grabbed the shorter end. she cried. i cried. we were both upset. my mom ended up fixing it. she got a lot of compliments on that short haircut.

i have cut her hair since then (not for years now, but thankfully all our experiences were better than that one) and so obviously she has forgiven me.

don't know why i thought of that just now.


Elisa said...

Is that the actual photo of what happened?

eden said...

oh, heavens, no. thank goodness. it wasn't nearly that bad. her short side still fell somewhere around her ears. the longer side was as long or longer than chin length if i remember correctly.

maybe i should clarify that in the post... (:

Bethany said...

Compliments or not, I'm glad I'm not that sister.

(No offense, of course.)

eden said...

none taken. i'm sure faith wishes she wasn't that sister either. i wish i wasn't the sister who did the cutting. but i'm glad she's still talking to me. (:

faith said...

Oh, how I wished at the time that I wasn't that sister. Really. Really. :) And, boy, did I not like that haircut. I never liked my hair short - even with the compliments.
Wow, what a memory! I'll be honest, though, when I saw the "razor-ed" section in the picture you chose, I thought you were going to talk about another memory. I'm glad you didn't! :)