Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why Am I Awake?

Yes, it's noon.
And yes, I'm really wondering what I'm doing awake.

Last night I was a volunteer at the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay (188 miles over two days).

My shift was from 1 to 5 am. I got home a little before 6 and fell asleep a bit after 7 (I took a hot bath before sleeping because my body was hurting from the 4 hours of standing up and directing traffic). I set my alarm for a little after 10 because I didn't want to sleep so late that it kept me from sleeping tonight. Now I'm wondering if that would have been a problem at all.

In case you were wondering, here are some things that might go through your head while you're standing in a dirt parking lot for four hours in the early, early morning -

12:42 - falling star!
12:43 - there are tons more stars here than at home
12:45 - maybe i should count how many falling stars i see
(that would have been easy - 1)
12:52 (remember, my shift hadn't even technically started) - this has got to be the most boring thing I've ever done. if not, that's sad.
12:54 - someone needs to turn off their car alarm.
12:55 - maybe I should have taken my chair out of the car, I wonder if I can direct traffic while sitting?
12:59 - i wish i knew stuff about stars.
1:21 - this flashlight turns off way too easily. what if i'm pointing with it and it's not on? i'd feel really stupid if that happened.
1:30 - maybe i'd get hit by a car if my flashlight was off and i didn't notice it. i've already been hit by a car in my life. i survived...
1:42 - maybe i should text all my friends to see if anyone's awake
1:43 - maybe i should call my friends.
1:45 - i have no idea how to activate this glow stick that's hanging on my hoodie. maybe if i see dominic he'll be able to show me.
1:48 - there goes that car alarm again.
1:49 - i like it when people say thank you. my hands are numb.
1:50 - i'm glad i have an ereader on my ipod. but my hands are too numb to use it.
1:52 - someone called me 'sir.' because it's pitch black outside and i'm dressed like a boy (hoodie and workout pants) i'll forgive him.
1:52 - there goes that dang car alarm again.
1:57 - i'm fogging up my glasses. my hood won't stay on. that car alarm is out of control. ereader is good in theory, but i should have brought my headphones.
1:58 - i just pointed with the flashlight while it was turned off. i was right. i did feel stupid.
2:10 - songs that have been in my head so far: jewel's 'stay here forever,' the 'alan brady' song from the 'dick van dyke' show, 'good king wenceslas,' the theme song that frasier wrote in one episode, 'happy birthday,' 'tevye's dream.'
2:19 - i'm afraid if i tie my hoodie i'll get stuck in it.
2:22 - big dipper! and little dipper?! can you see them at the same time? i feel like that shouldn't be allowed. i wish i knew stuff about stars.
2:27 - i heard from dominic. yay!
2:33 - i tied myself into my hood. it stays on better that way. i hope i don't get stuck in it.
2:38 - thanks lady, for telling me how to light my glow stick. i feel better now.
2:40 - my toes hurt. a lot.
2:41 - this flashlight turns off way too easily. i hope i'm not killed.
2:58 - with the orange cone on the flashlight it looks like a flame. i wish it was warm. i just touched it and it's not. it's freezing.
2:59 - halfway done with my shift! almost.
3:52 - the two parking people disappeared 40 minutes ago. drivers are making their own row. it's driving me crazy.
3:52:13 - screw it. i don't care.
3:54 - i think i went brain dead. i don't remember the last hour. my legs hurt. i've been standing in the same place for the last 3+ hours.
3:56 - car alarm again. about time.
4:05 - more songs: 'santa claus is coming to town,' 'tonight' from west side story.
4:13 - with those two parking people missing, my job has become pointless. some people listen to me, some people don't. whatever. i don't care.
4:35 - i came half an hour early, and got relieved a half hour early. hallelujah. i just hope i can find my way home.
5:47 - my arms are way too sore from waving a flashlight around for four hours.

and those are the thoughts from inside my head.

if you made it through all of that. wow.
if you made it through all of that and still want to be my friend - thank you.

Here are two videos for songs that were in my head. The best two, in my opinion. Enjoy!

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k. double-u. said...

You were hit by a car once? Wow.

I was just talking to someone who ran the Ragnar this year and I think I might want to be part of it next year. Now, to just get running again...