Saturday, January 15, 2011

Holy Smokes


12-mile run
5 - 6 mph (w/ a brief spurt of 7 and then 8 mph)
5% incline more than half the time (also did 0, -2, and -4)
2000 calories burned
21363 aerobic steps counted on my pedometer

Seabiscuit is a fabulously motivating movie while running. Especially the race scenes. It was during the final race of the movie that I hit the 8 mph point. I just couldn't help myself. (:

Now my dogs are collapsed on their beds as if they were the ones exhausted from running, and I've got to make myself crawl to the shower.


faith said...

Good for you!!

Erin Nicole said...

dang girl, you amaze me. I hope thesis writing is coming well!

eden said...

thanks guys!

and erin, it's coming...

hope yours is going well too!

kathy w. said...

Look at you go!

I love the movie choice. So smart.

Caitlin said...

wahoo for you! and way to go on physique 57, too. i'm getting in 7 miles a day on a bike, which is NOTHING compared to that--keep it up!

eden said...

maybe, caitlin. but i'm not 8+ months pregnant either.