Friday, January 7, 2011

Valentine's Flowers & Donating to a Cause

I'm not a huge Valentine's day fan. I'm not a hater either, but because I've never had a reason to celebrate it, it's just another day. However, last year I had a 'We Don't Hate Valentine's Day' party where I tied a pink ribbon around the Dingo's neck, had a few girl friends came over, we decorated (and ate) sugar cookies, listened to love songs, and watched a lovey movie. It was fun. I'm thinking I'll do it again this year.

This is why I bring something like this up more than a month in advance. If you buy roses through them, the money you pay will be donated to Community Health Connect, specifically helping the uninsured in UT County get medical and dental care. So, if you want to donate and you're a girl, ask your lovey to buy the flowers from here. If you're not in UT County it might not convenient since you need to pick your flowers up from there. They do have a pick-up option in AF though!

Speaking of V-day, I wonder which movie I'll watch alone this year...
(last year it was Valentine's Day - not worth it in my opinion. same kind of idea as Love Actually which is so so so much better - edited, of course! :)

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