Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bryce Canyon Half - In Pictures

the drive in:

the manager of our motel - The Padre Motel - giving us a history lesson
on the area around Bryce

the 'padre'

the manager's stash of books of mormon in many, many languages

annikki scored a new German version from the manager

cowboy blues - fine dining
they boast 'the best margaritas in town' but it doesn't
take much for them to admit that they're the
only margaritas in town
~they're the only place with a liquor license~
there were maybe six dinner options on the menu, but the service was great and really friendly

so happy to be on a bus before 5 am

even happier they have fires while we wait for the start

runners getting ready to go...

scenery from the race

the girl in the red on the left turned and said, 'you're doing awesome!' as they passed. she couldn't have been more than 15 - but i'm thinking she was even younger. what a sweetheart. i saw her friend (sister?) turn to her after but i didn't hear what she said. the first girl's response was - 'i'm just trying to encourage her.' so sweet.

check out the population...

scenery from the drive home
we took the back way
and didn't regret it - such a gorgeous drive!

the Bryce Canyon half was awesome. i might have to do it again. it's such a beautiful run with a lot of downhill.

despite my being untrained for it (see my time...) i really enjoyed it and am fast recovering.


Bethany said...

So beautiful!

Genevieve Beck said...

Looks like a gorgeous run! Way to go!

kathy w. said...

Go, you!

Jane said...


Bryson and Tara said...

You are quite the runner these days. I am super impressed with you! And those gorgeous pictures ALMOST made me want to do it next year. :)

faith said...

I could have sworn I already commented on this. It's beautiful!! Glad you had a good time.

sofia123 said...

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