Saturday, July 30, 2011

Not Sure When I Wrote it Down -

'We take our own standards of life so much for granted, that we simply have no conception that they are not universal.'

- CD Williams, 1941

also --

'Tues - work, dead
- busy (or lazy?) night @ home
Wed - work, dead
- up to Draper for Devil Wears Prada
- left right after
Thurs - work, dead
- watched 'Rope' Jimmy Stewart Hitchcock movie
- packed for CA
Fri - work, dead left @ 11:30
- Dom and Jen's - airport around 1:20 (flight @ 2:20)
- delayed for engine trouble
- just read book contains two plane crashes
- guy that told me my flight was late did this weird scratching thing on my arm
- left @ 5:40
- gorgeous sunset - fiery red, golden orange, clouds divided layers of color, silhouette of mountains - fabulous
- arrived in Vegas
- plane @ our gate delayed getting off'

~ the first thing is a good quote
~the second thing is some weird itinerary thing I wrote down in which I obviously 'died' a lot...
~ i think it was when i was on my way to CA to surprise my sister (i had coordinated the trip with my bro-in-law) and my flights kept getting delayed.


Bethany said...

Nice quote.

sofia123 said...

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