Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Few Things. All Connected. At Least in My Head.

1 - As I've mentioned in recent posts - I've gained weight recently. I blame it on my thesis. And my apparent (sometimes complete) lack of willpower/self-control when I'm stressed out over my thesis. Which is almost constantly.

Today, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

I did not like what I saw.

My first (and only, really) thought was - 'I'm fat.'
(before you go needlessly jumping into platitudes/explanations/sympathetic mumblings, please hold. that's not the point of my story)

I walked out and immediately saw two women who were bigger than I. One of them muchly so (I know that's not a word). My first thought was (as I've been told by my oldest sister on numerous occasions) - 'Some people would kill to have my body.' to which I add - 'and if they wouldn't, they should.' (not that I'm being vain - see above.)

Not that that makes me want to stay where I am, but I can appreciate the fact that I'm not as bad as I could be.

Thank heavens.

2 - I went running tonight.

For the first time, in way, way too long.

Especially considering that I'm signed up to run (I mean walk) a half marathon next weekend.

However, it's in Bryce Canyon and I figure it will be a beautiful walk/run and I can enjoy it for what it is.

The run tonight felt great, by the way. I remembered how much I love running.

Even on a treadmill.

And compared to outside running, I hate treadmill running.

But Sabrina helped me.

Have I mentioned how much I love that movie?

maybe once.

or twice.

or three times...

... or four.

But not enough, I'm sure.

c - I'm totally not on track to lose 30 by 30... sadly.

However, I can still do it. I've just got to be more invested. And start acting on it. 1.67 lbs a week for the next 18 weeks (exactly!) and I've got it. I can do this.

4 - I eat better when I exercise. Which is why I made myself get on the treadmill tonight. I went to a Relief Society presidency meeting in my running clothes so I wouldn't have an excuse when I got home.

It worked.

e - I'd say more. Because I'm sure there was more. But I've forgotten what it was.

And I was hoping to be in bed by 10. Which isn't going to happen since it's 9:58.

And I still need to shower.

Because I went running.

Did I mention that? (:


Stella said...

That totally made sense to me (maybe because I've had those same EXACT thoughts - except the part about running a 1/2 - I'm doing the "Couch to 5K training ;) And you just made me realize that I only have 13 weeks - YIKES!!!

Bryson and Tara said...

I too eat better when I'm exercising. I guess it's because I don't want to feel like all that hard work is for nothing.

Best of luck with your next half. You're amazing, Pea Soup!

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