Saturday, July 30, 2011

Today I...

... went for a two-mile walk
... made a dent in cleaning up my bedroom
(filled a large garbage bag - more to come!)
(and that's when I found that quote I posted earlier)
... washed all my sheets, blankets, and pillow cases
(I'm looking forward to bed tonight!)
... went to lunch with a friend
... cleaned out the aquarium
... cleaned out a fishbowl
(I decided that the two other bowls can wait - their occupants died and were disposed of long ago)
... washed both dogs
(and got 'help' from my nephew - who soaked us both in the process ~ I let him take charge of the hose)
... went for a 'little walk' with my nephew and the dogs
(where the four of us all dried off)
... made whole wheat pancakes for my nephew's dinner
(so good that I had to have some too)
... did a little cleaning up in the yard with my dad
(very little)
... talked to a friend whose slogan should be 'for all your welding and haircut needs contact...' because she does both
(how cool is that?)
... went to bed early
(well, not yet, but I'm planning on it)

and all because I submitted (another) draft to my committee on Thursday

~and good night~


Bethany said...

That's got to feel good! And good luck -- I'm eager to hear the good news!

faith said...

Sounds like a good day. Exciting about your thesis!!

sofia123 said...

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