Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Days Like This

The day started off fine.

- I woke up early enough that I didn't have to rush to get ready.
- I got to work a bit after 7.
- I worked.
- I had lunch with my supervisor and we were able to catch up.
- I got back to work.
- I presented the chocolate mousse I had made for my coworkers.
- It was eaten and loved.
- I kept working.
- I almost fell asleep at my computer.
~ A few times. ~
- I took a quick walking break around the neighboring park with a friend.
- I got back to work.
- I started packing up to leave around 5.30.
~ The earliest I've left work in two weeks. ~
- I took a former schoolmate and current coworker home.
- I almost stopped at the red cross to donate blood since it's been a while.
- I got home and saw that my dad had donated blood at a ward member's eagle scout project.
- I left home and went to donate blood.
- I was the last one to donate so they started packing things up while they were finishing up with me.
- They packed up all the treats.
~ I never eat the treats anyway, but I felt like they could have at least waited until I was done. ~
- I was late to a presidency meeting because I was 'making a difference.'
- I went out to visit some people in the ward.
~ No one was home. ~
- I stopped by the store to pick something up for my dad.
~ They didn't have it. ~
- I went to another store.
- I got home.
- My hoped-for 'short' day turned into a 14+ -hour day.
- I was grumpy when I got home.
- I felt self-righteous in my grumpiness because things hadn't gone like I had planned/hoped they would.
- I realized I hadn't eaten anything since my lunchtime (I had skipped out on the mousse at work)
- I had enough of my mind with me that I wouldn't let myself eat the leftover chocolate mousse that was sitting in the fridge because I knew that the way I felt then I'd probably finish what was left and then feel sick about doing it.
- I realized that it's days like this that it really counts for me to not be grumpy.
~ see Mom, some of the things you taught me really did stick ~
- Anyone can be un-grumpy when things are going well.
- I made the necessary apologies.
- I started crying.
~ I'm not a big crier. ~
- I'm just so blasted tired.

And to top it all off, I have one pint less blood than I did when I woke up this morning.

~ Good night. ~


eliza said...

thanks so much for taking alex home that day! next time, stop in because we'd love to see you.

kathy w. said...

I think days like this are good for making me appreciate days that are not like this.

And go, you for donating blood. I haven't done that in such a long time and I really should.

eden said...

eliza, i definitely will! it'd be nice to see you and the kids again.

kath, amen. most days aren't like that - thank goodness - and i have been appreciating them more lately. (: