Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Memory (Installment 3)

I went back East about... five years ago to visit my sister in Delaware. Part of the trip included a drive to upstate New York. We stopped at Niagara Falls and while we were there we grabbed food at a concessions stand. There were tons of sparrows around picking up dropped crumbs. I had a soft pretzel (I love those things) and started pulling off pieces to feed to them. I figured they were pretty used to people so I put a small piece on the tip of my fingers to see if they'd eat it. They did. I tried it a few times, and always, some brave little sparrow would hop up, grab the piece, and hop back. This picture was taken right after one of those sparrows grabbed the food. I got this picture off my gmail account, but I'm hoping I have a better one (normal-sized) somewhere...

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