Friday, February 3, 2012

I Am Now Slightly Obsessed

A co-worker told me about this webcam.

It centers on two bald eagles. It pans around to show them in their nest or on nearby branches. Sometimes (like right this moment) they can't even be seen because they flew off somewhere. I still watch and listen. I have it on one of my screens at work while I work on the other screen. Even when they're not there the sounds of the wind and other birds and occasional traffic is soothing. I think I'm kind of a junkie now.

screenshots from my morning viewing

If I understand right, they've been doing this for a number of years. If you keep watching, you'll get to see the eggs and the eaglets as they hatch. I'm pretty excited about that.

(If you click on the big play button in the center sometimes it will take you to the website and sometimes it will play on here... If you click on the small one on the bottom left, it plays right here.)

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partingsorrow said...

I watched the eaglets hatch last year. It was super cool!