Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's That Time Again...

the mascot of the party - 3 years running

Two years ago I decided that I would actively not hate Valentine's Day (I had always been pretty indifferent). What's the point of hating it? Just because I have no reason to really celebrate it... (:

So I started my annual 'We Don't Hate Valentine's Day' party. This year's party is my 3rd annual. I have fun every year. It's a good excuse to spend time with other single ladies, make sugar cookies, and listen to good music and/or watch a romantic movie.

So if you're a single lady, have no plans for tonight, and know where I live. Come on over and make sugar cookies with us. (:

And to everyone - Happy Love Day!


Bryson and Tara said...

What an adorable mascot! I remember going to see "Firewall" one Valentines since my friends and I were all single and we didn't want to watch a romantic movie (I can't remember - did you come with us?). Scared me out of my mind!

BTW, it looks like your DC trip was fabulous. :)

Jackie said...

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