Monday, March 30, 2009


I've had a long-time secret desire to be an artist (not necessarily for pay, I'd just like to know how to draw). Even though I've never been able to draw. These engineering meetings provide quality practice time.

Lest I be accused of not paying attention... check this out.

Feel free to guess what they are -

At first I left the face blank because I have a hard time drawing faces, and then I decided to attempt it (the meeting just wouldn't end) and ended up scribbling it out.


Bethany said...

1. thermos
2. clock
3. man dozing during your meeting (sketching is much better than dozing, by-the-way)
4. desk?
5. feet crossed
6. shoe

Amanda and Tanner are very impressed! Amanda: "Is she an artist or something?"

kathy said...

I second Bethany's guesses. I think you should keep drawing.

And I like the scribbled-out face. You could say it's a commentary on shirt-and-tie corporate America, rather than a mistake.

Katie Rod said...

1. Definitely one of those Nalgene water bottles
2. Is it lunch yet?
3. Steve falling asleep
4. Broken desk or just perhaps a wish for it to be broken and the meeting to be over
5. Your shoes
6. Your shoes without bows?

I definitely think these meetings are helping bring out your inner artist. Keep it up!

faith said...

is 6 your mis-matched shoe?
and i'm guessing the scribbled man was going to be bob based on the shirt and tie. but maybe ed.

eden said...

good guesses! all correct with a few (slight) amendments:

the man isn't dozing, he's looking down at a paper, and yes, Katie, that is Steve looking down.

the table isn't broken... it just got crowded with people that i didn't want to attempt to draw in. It was my view of the table.

and my shoes aren't mismatched... i guess my work needs to improve. (:

and yes, the scribbled man was going to be ed.

the end.