Monday, March 9, 2009

Morning Goop

Looks delicious, no?


fresh spinach
frozen fruit mix
pineapple frozen concentrate

blend, serve, enjoy!


faith said...

actually, yes. especially knowing what you put in yours. spencer will occasionally put carrots, broccoli, and/or celery in ours. we also use fresh apples and oranges.

eden said...

i've done carrots and broccoli before. never tried celery. does it blend well, or is it kind of "stringy"?

faith said...

i didn't notice that it was particularly stringy. i think it was fine.

kathy said...

Yay! I eat stuff that looks like that, too. Sometimes, I use grape juice instead of water. Yummy stuff.

Deja said...

I LOVE spinach in fruity smoothies. Sounds like you're stil on track.

simplysarah said...

So....I think I'll need a little more convincing....:)