Friday, January 8, 2010

2009 Recap

not comprehensive (or in order of occurrence or mportance) because my memory's not that good and I don't feel like going over blog posts right now
(not to mention the fact that I've yet to blog about some of these)

1 - I ran my first marathon
2 - I applied to, got accepted into, and began grad school
3 - I attended my first rodeo
4 - I attended my first celtic festival
5 - I witnessed caber tossing first hand (see above)
6 - I registered for my second marathon
7 - I became an aunt for the 15th and 16th time
8 - I found out I would be an aunt to a 17th & 18th by this coming April
9 - a photo I took got chosen to publish in a magazine
10 - I took Dingo through his first 5k
11 - I lost 20+ lbs (and kept it off!)
12 - I got Red Cross certified to teach courses on HIV/AIDS
13 - I watched Donny win Dancing with the Stars
14 - I met Tom McGowan in person
15 - I saw Wicked
16 - I got a behind the scenes tour of the Wicked stage
17 - I won two sets of tickets on the radio
- Beatlemania
- Air Supply
18 - I saw REO Speedwagon (and others)
19 - I ran my second mud run
20 - I took an impromptu road trip to Evanston, WY

I'm excited to find out what 2010 has to offer!
I may try to make this my theme song for the year...


Caitlin said...

that's lots of firsts . . . but on number 7 you forgot that you became and aunt for the 15th time, too. :)

eden said...

umm... becoming something for the 16th time implies that you've been that for the 15th time before... right?

but i'll mention him separately anyway.

Bryson and Tara said...

What a year! Way to go, Eden!