Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sixty to Zero in Twenty-Five Hours

In the last couple months or so I've had a few interactions with a guy that I've become interested in (the interest didn't all happen in the last few months, because I've known him for a while, it's just developed a little bit more). We'll call him Johnny. I asked Johnny out (which I absolutely hate, hate, hate to do, but it doesn't mean I never do it - unfortunately), we went out, had a lot of fun but there wasn't any follow-up from either of us and I didn't see him until this past week. This last time I saw Johnny wasn't in a date setting, but we talked quite a bit and things seemed to be going well. After parting ways, a friend who had been with me said that she was pretty sure he was interested in me (based on a few observations, and the situation itself - which I don't want to go into detail about). At the advice of a couple friends (one of them male, who I asked advice from), I texted Johnny to kind of follow-up with things and encourage him a bit.

That was at 4:30 pm.


Nothing back.




And it's not like it was a text that may or may not have been needing a response. I asked him a question for goodness sake.

However, I'm sure that it was just coincidental that while listening to music on a walk I sang more energetically to this song -

- than to this one -

ps - I'm loving the boots on the guitarist and the blond

Purely coincidental.

ps - I've given up on Johnny.


faith said...

Booo, Johnny.

eden said...

thanks faithy. (:

simplysarah said...

My therapist would say something like, "You don't have enough information to really know what Johnny is thinking/feeling." The author of He's Just Not Into You would disagree.

All I know is that dating is not very fun, except when it is. ;)

I think you're awesome!

Bryson and Tara said...

Dumb Johnny. I had a crush on a boy named Johnny once. That was his real name. It didn't go well... Must be the name...

Sorry, but great music!

k. double-u. said...

Johnny loses.