Friday, January 8, 2010

Scuba Diving & Public Health

The other day in one of my classes we watched a video talking about damage that's being done to coral reefs.

A lot of the video took place underwater (naturally) and showed people scuba diving.

It made me start to wonder if there was a career in public health that would require me to scuba dive*.

It made me want to go into that career.

Let's see what a career like that might look like, shall we?

this thing looks like it should be opening up it's mouth to talk to you

I think I'd like a job like that.

*thanks to my parents, I'm already certified to dive up to... I think 90 feet.


simplysarah said...

I like this idea. Do you already know how to scuba dive? If not you should take BYU's scuba diving class!!!

eden said...

yup. perhaps i should mention i'm already certified... (:

Nitrile Gloves said...

:) Nice Pictures...did you took that pics underwater? they are very vivid and brilliant...wet wipes