Monday, March 21, 2011

I Love -

- this dog:

I really love it when he wags his tail in his sleep. I've caught him doing it a few times. Today he was wagging pretty vigorously for a while. I love that he has happy dreams. He's just a happy dog.

What I don't love -
- is when he licks my flip flops:

The left one has been thoroughly moisturized. Ignore the tearing you see on the right toe, that's just from me using them a lot. (Because I love them. Because they are so comfortable. And I'm probably going to get more to replace them when I need to. Well, not anymore, I just checked adidas website and they're not selling them anymore. So sad. Maybe I'll get these instead - in green or yellow.) At least he doesn't chew them. But the licking is gross. Especially when I don't know he's licked them and I slide my feet into them. It feels disgusting.

Good thing I love him more than I hate this habit of his.

1 comment:

Caitlin said...

you should get crocs flip flops - AWESOME! . . . enough said