Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Mind Reels*

Do you see what that says?

'Administrative Office of the Courts'

I just got a notice for jury duty today. Currently I'm a 'Prospective Juror.' Unfortunately (fortunately?) there's nothing that makes me automatically exempt. The only things I can think of that make you exempt are: being a mother with young children at home (I think that's why my sister-in-law was exempt once. or maybe it's because she was a nursing mother...?) and... death.

This has brought to mind a few different movies.

First of all, 'The Rainmaker.' I love the jury selection part where after the good guys have faked a call that makes it look like they've tampered with the jury selection, Jon Voight pushes Randy Travis to admit that he talked with the lawyers (which he didn't), then Randy Travis leaps out of the jury box onto Jon Voight. (I tried finding a clip because that would be so much better than my description, but I failed. If you manage to find one, let me know.)

Second of all, the '3rd Rock from the Sun' episode where John Lithgow's character gets selected for a jury. I've never actually seen the episode, but I saw the part where he's in the jury box freaking out and then says, 'You want the truth?! Well I can't handle the truth!' Pretty funny.

And lastly, 'Runaway Jury.' (This is where the mind-reeling comes in.) My mind is just reeling with what could happen. After seeing John Cusack in action, the possibilities are limitless... (:

In other news:

Today Max got in trouble. He didn't listen to me at all when I was calling him in from the yard to get him to stop barking at a passing dog and their owner. When he finally did come (after they were gone) I beat him a bit (nothing abusive, promise), got him inside and made him sit and then lie down next to me while I ignored him and worked on my computer.

This is what he did for the next 10 (or more) minutes:

just stared at me batting his freakishly long eyelashes at me

After a while (and after I forgave him), Dingo came over and joined in:

*i think you get about a trillion points if you
name that movie because it's such an
obscure line.
here's a hint.
here's the answer.

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kathy w. said...

Ah, jury duty. I went once and was actually kind of excited about it but the trial I was going to listen to was dismissed and so we left.

Also, I had a professor who thinks she gets out of it because of the way she talks about government and the justice system when she gets there. They don't like her and so they send her home. If you're looking for a way out...