Thursday, March 24, 2011

Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Looking on different job websites a month or so ago I stumbled onto a listing for public health officers in the Air Force. Awesome. I filled out the form, and kind of forgot about it. My brother-in-law mentioned contacting them myself (they sent me an email with contact info after filling out the form), suggesting that since it's such a long process, it wouldn't hurt to get things started (he's in the middle of it himself right now).

Skip ahead a couple of weeks...

I got a text and an email from a recruiter yesterday asking me to call if I was still interested.

I called today and talked to Technical Sergeant Jaron Wagner.

After he confirmed that they were indeed looking for public health degrees, he talked me through what needed to be done and then said he'd call me back when his computer was working and he could access the questions he needs to ask me to get things started. (maybe questions like 'are you a terrorist?' - no / 'are you a true American?' - i didn't vote for obama, so yes, / 'what are your favorite colors?' - red, white and blue of course)

Who knows what'll happen. Maybe it won't go anywhere. But it could be fun while it lasts.


Bethany said...

Holy smokes -- that would be awesome!

eliza said...

I clicked on your comment and found your blog! You're definitely being added to the blog list.

Air Force? Alex has been thinking about it too. He's going to talk to you about it.

Bryson and Tara said...

Interesting... You'll have to keep the blogging world posted on all of this!