Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hmm... I Don't Think I Love It...

A friend told me about stumbleupon a few days ago. It's a pretty fun website. I've found some cute ways to do nails and hair (especially long hair - which makes me determined to grow mine out again -- for real this time...).

One type of nail painting that I thought was really fun is called water marbling. I got some fun colors today (silver and pink) planning on trying it, but the polish I got just wasn't working (they do say that some are better than others). While looking at tutorials on water marbling, I found this post on tie-dye nails. Soo much easier, and also kind of fun, so I thought I'd try that instead.

Simply - paint two layers of one color on all your nails. Let it dry. Paint one layer of another color on all your nails. Let it dry. Take a q-tip, dip it in nail polish remover, and start rubbing different designs into the nails as you reveal the lower color.

~ for the second layer I didn't really care if I covered the whole nail since I'd be rubbing some off anyway ~

~post q-tip rubbing ~

It's kind of growing on me, and I'll probably leave it on for a few days, but I don't think it's my favorite look.

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truebluefoodie said...

oh that looks interesting :) i'm going to try it :P