Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I See Crazy Things on the Street Sometimes

Yesterday, I saw one of these:

Ever seen one before? Check them out here.

Today, I saw someone riding a bike uphill while talking on a phone. Uphill. On the phone.
Hats off to you buddy.


Bethany said...

Didn't you see me wave? That was totally me on the elliptigo.

It was also me riding my bike uphill while talking on the phone.

eden said...

wow. WOW. i knew you were amazing, but *WOW*!!!

faith said...

I saw you in my bike's rear view mirror, Beth. While I was singing. :)

eden said...

what song were you singing?

faith said...

I thought for sure you heard me as I was passing by.

eden said...

that's not an answer faithy. (: