Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bringing the Kitchen to the Bathroom*

I know a lot of people are blogging about 9/11 today - with good reason. I really don't have anything to add to what I posted last year, except for maybe - God Bless America. We need Him so much (always, but even more so now than before I think), for so many reasons. I love this country and am indeed proud to be an American. I don't agree with everything that goes on, but I don't want to live anywhere else. America truly is great.

(*those of you who know me well may know how hard it was to write that title. i refuse to take any food or water into the bathroom. it's disgusting. but read on, and then the title will make sense. :)

For a little over a week I haven't been using shampoo or conditioner on my hair. Don't get freaked out, I'm still clean (promise!). I've just been using an unconventional method.

Ready to hear it?

Baking soda.

That's it.

Well, baking soda in water. 1 Tbsp baking soda for every 2 Tbsp water. About. It's not a scientific process. I put it in a little squirt bottle and shake it up before every use (it separates), and after wetting my hair, I squirt some baking soda/water on my head. Rub it in really well (it's a different feeling and takes a bit getting used to), then rinse it out really well. The post-baking soda/water feeling take a bit of getting used to as well.

A few days after doing this, I read this lady's blog who mentioned putting an apple cider vinegar/water mixture in your hair after washing with baking soda, or lemon juice/water. I put some lemon juice (about 1 Tbsp to every 1 cup of water - again, not scientific so it doesn't really matter) and water in a squirt bottle and after rinsing the baking soda out, I put some of that in. I love how my hair has been feeling. It feels clean and is easier to manage. I'm sold.

Next crazy idea:

brown sugar/honey/olive oil/vanilla body (and face!) scrub.

I've tried this for a few days too (a couple of days without the olive oil, then I saw a recipe with olive oil and I mixed that up last night and used it this morning).

Once again - SOLD.

I love it.

This also separates, but I keep it in a little tupperware-type container and keep a plastic spoon with it so I can just quickly mix it up before using it.

With my hands, I scoop some out and start scrubbing.

My skin felt so soft and moisturized even before getting out of the shower. I didn't put any lotion or any kind of moisturizer on my body or face after getting out of the shower - because I didn't need it.

I know I posted about the greatness of baby oil gel a little while ago, but this trumps that. There's no contest in my opinion. It's really amazing.

One warning with the brown sugar mix - careful about it getting into your hair; or wash your hair after using the body scrub. I got some of the mixture in my hair from my hands and shoulders where my hair touched, and my hair was just a bit oily (because of the olive oil). I'm still going to use the scrub because it's awesome, but I'll probably clip up my hair after washing it just to keep it out of the way.

And the best thing about using these things - if you get really hungry in the shower you can just make yourself a cake or something. (:

Which reminds me of this:
(skip to 2:33 - or a bit later - and watch to the end to see what I'm talking about)

also, in honor of National Honey Month (who knew that even existed?) read here.


Kate said...

haha! The funny the moment i read the title of this post, i thought of this seinfield episode too. Love it!

faith said...

I, too, thought of this episode.
So horrible. So, so horrible. :)