Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clean and Sober

It's been two weeks and three days since I posted this about how I was thinking of getting rid of my facebook account (I'm not counting days, I had to look it up on the calendar).

That same day I deactivated my account.

I must say, I'm not really missing it.

Also, when looking for the above image, I found this and this. I must say it seems as though there are really good, legitimate reasons for not having a facebook account, but few that are really great arguments in favor of it... (that second link is pretty cool, showing how the availability of info on facebook has changed over the years - it took me way too long to figure it out, but click on the graphic to see the different years, or click on the years that are in faded letters next to the graphic)

1 comment:

eliza said...

so I actually held off getting FB for a LONG time. I really only joined about 2 years ago. I'll admit it. I'm totally addicted.