Friday, October 21, 2011

Things I've Been Looking At Lately

  • Google translate. I'm trying to learn Spanish again...
  • This post about a recipe that helps dogs pack on the pounds. Dingo is getting pretty skinny even though he's eating. I'm hoping this will help him beef up a bit. Looks like an appetizing bunch of ingredients, no?
  • And this just for fun and just for dreams, right now anyway.
  • A princess bride reunion picture. I love it. Saw it on her blog.

I think that does it for now.

ps - When I was younger I used to often have bruises or scrapes that came from unknown reasons. I'm realizing that that's not a thing of the past yet.

Yesterday at work I kept bumping my knee on my desk and it hurt a lot more than it should have. It felt tender to the touch too and I figured I had just bumped it harder than I thought. Last night I finally realized that it was most likely a real bruise (I had pants on so I never actually checked it out) and that it came from me throwing myself on the floor one, two, or maybe three times during a volleyball game on Wednesday. So I guess not technically from an unknown place... just a bad memory. Another sign of aging? Perhaps.

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