Monday, December 7, 2009

Let the Madness Begin!

So... I started my training today. If you've looked at the schedule you'll see that next Saturday I'm supposed to run 12 miles. The farthest I've gone since the marathon was 6.2 miles and that was just a couple of weeks after the marathon. Other than that the farthest I've gone is 3.1 miles and that was on Thanksgiving. Other than that... well... I really haven't gone running.

I'd ideally take it much slower in training, but the training schedule that I like to follow (Jeff Galloway's walk/run plan) is a 32-week training. I don't have 32 weeks. I have 19. Of necessity, I've got to jump right in. Luckily this Saturday I get to warm up with only 4 (I still love how I now think of these distances as 'only,' when only a couple of years ago it was more like 'four whole miles?! no way!') before I hit myself with 12. However, because it's a walk/run thing, I can take it a bit slower than I normally would and not feel badly about it.

Thanks for all the well wishes for the marathon. I need them! (:

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simplysarah said...

Please be careful my dear! Last year I was running 12 miles comfortably, and then this year I was pretty much out of commission due to an injury (from running too far too fast without training adequately, back in March).

I'd almost recommend doing the first 19 weeks of the training, and then just running the race? But what do I know! Girl you know your body best.

Anyway, good luck! :)