Thursday, March 18, 2010

Turning Over a New Leaf

(not a leaf... but I like the picture)

My life is in need of drastic changes.
So I'm working on changing.

- I'm in the process of volunteering at a place I've had my eye on for about two years.
(it's about time I actually did something about it)

- I'm working on fixing my sleeping habits with a little help from one* or two things...
(kind of looking into an item like this too)

- I'm doing a {currently} temporary overhaul on my diet.
for a few reasons
1 - my eating habits have been awful lately
2 - I'm planning on walking/running a marathon in a month and need to be in better physical condition than I am now
3 - I told myself that if I went back to my mission reunion this year that I would be thinner than I was last year
(right now, I weigh less than I did a year ago... but there's a lot of room for improvement)
4 - I know that I'll feel better if I weigh less, I've been feeling pretty *blech* lately

- Dietary changes that I told myself I can make for one week**
(just one week...)
1 - no refined sugar
2 - no white flour
3 - all fruits and vegetables
- with some whole grains thrown in
(I'll be making a stop at Great Harvest tomorrow)
4 - no eating after 8
(maybe 7)

Feel free to check up on me during the week.
**This begins tomorrow.

*just fyi - this is a rare "help"
I don't -nor do I want to-
use it every night.
ps - popcorn is okay - no butter of course! (:


hanner said...

i have friends that work at courage reins! (i think.)

Deja said...

good plan, eddie! i hope you do tell us how it goes. cutting out sugar and flour (again) has changed my life (again).

eden said...

dej, i keep trying to remind myself how great i feel when i eat better. and in these past three days, i've already started feeling better.

it really is amazing that what you eat has such a strong effect on how you feel. i guess it makes sense, but i still think it's amazing...