Monday, March 29, 2010

Went a Little Out of Order

I also never did a birthday post for Harper (whose birthday is four days before Caitlin's)


Harper (aka 'Harps' and 'Spanky' - the latter, only to family):

H - heavenly
A - adorable
R - alphabetically-speaking, you're 'okay'
P - i could go on all day
E - exciting
R - alphabetically-speaking, you're [still] 'okay'!*

Seriously though - Harps is a great youngest brother for the family. He takes the teasing that's dished out in a very good-natured way. He's fun to be around, and he doesn't get mad at me when I call him Spanky** in front of other people. I've also enjoyed watching him play in different intramural games.

Happy really-late birthday Harps!

*you get a trillion points if you know where that's from
**the birth of his nickname is a long story,
but suffice it to say - I think it's going
to be around for a long, long time


Bethany said...

"A you're adorable, B you're so beautiful, C you're a cutie full of charm....."

1 trillion points!!!!

eden said...

yay!!! when i learned that song in kindergarten i always thought it was "cutiful" of charm. it wasn't until caitlin started singing it to guy that i learned differently... (:

eden said...

oh, and i always wondered what a cutiful was but didn't want to ask.

faith said...

I always thought it was "cutiful," too! I can't remember when I learned it right, but it has been a little while. :)