Monday, March 29, 2010

To Caitlin...

... a super-belated birthday post (sorry!).

Last summer - we started doing Power90 together
Last summer - we quit doing Power90 together

Last fall - she helped me pick out a frame for a temple picture - I'm not very creative, but can appreciate the minds that are (remember this?)
Last fall - she sent me up to my room with a bunch of her professional-type clothes

Last winter - she made sure I 'dressed nicely' for a date
Last winter - she gave me a Christmas gift of more 'nice clothing' (:

Tonight - she kicked by backside into gear and 'made' me do Physique 57 (it still kicks my trash)

Last November - she and Rob made eclairs for my birthday (they were delicious!)

For the past year - she's given me more practice being a mother by letting me babysit Guy (aka "stinker" - I love this most recent post)
For the past year (and more) - it's been nice having her around

Happy super-super-late birthday Caitlin!

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Caitlin said...

Aw, thanks! You're very nice. Have I ever told you you're Guy's FAVORITE babysitter? He loves you so much - and I've been extremely grateful for your help - especially this semester. :)