Friday, May 6, 2011

Beauty / Health Tip

Sometimes I have itchy-skin problems. After my mission, my skin itched almost constantly for over a year (no joke). It was horrible. It's definitely not that bad anymore, but occasionally it comes back and it's not so fun, and seriously distracting.

I was reading a random blog a few weeks ago (I do that sometimes...) and saw a post on a soft skin secret.

Are you ready for this?

She said that after she showers, before toweling off, she rubs Johnson's baby oil gel (in cocoa butter) all over her body, then blots dry with a towel, and her skin stays soft. When I read this, I had been battling an itchy back for the previous few days and was desperate to try anything. So I tried it. And, oh my goodness, it's working miracles. I'm a believer. My back isn't itchy (and my skin feels softer - bonus!). I do this after every shower, and even use a little on my face. I haven't used lotion since doing this (except occasionally on my hands), and my skin has felt great.

Let me know if you try it and what you think about it!


Kayla said...

That right there is one of my all time favorite beauty secrets. I LOVE that stuff! It gets me through the winters and leaves me with fantastic skin. You do have to be careful about greasing up your clothes though. Let it soak in for a bit!

Thanks for sharing your blog with me :)

Freckles in April

Bryson and Tara said...

I'm intrigued. Thanks for sharing... I will definitely try this out!