Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Few Things

Or more than a few things. We'll see how this goes.

1 - I've been seeing a voodoo doctor (aka kinesiologist) who's been helping me with some things. Kinesiology is very energy based. I went to him after going to a {normal} doctor who had me get blood tests done and told me my thyroid was fine but he was worried about my blood sugar and my low vitamin d. I started taking supplements that he recommended but then didn't go back to him. What he told me didn't sit right with me.

I finally went to see a kinesiologist that my mom had seen a couple of times. In my first visit he told me my thyroid was off. He also mentioned my sugar levels were a little high but didn't seem overly concerned about that. He gave me some more supplements to take, and I've gone back to see him twice more. Also in that first visit he did allergy/sensitivity testing and told me I shouldn't eat dairy, sugar, wheat, corn, avocados (I wanted to hit him for that one), chocolate, peanuts, and... I think that's it.

Isn't that enough?

Here's the magic of it all - before I saw him I had stopped eating dairy, gluten, and sugar for almost two months.

I lost 9 lbs.

I was trying to be happy with the 9 lbs, but at the same time I kinda thought, 'only 9?' For being that restrictive and exercising as much as I was, I was hoping/expecting it to come off a little faster than that.

Since the first time I saw Dr. Brady (chiropractor by education, hence the 'doctor') on October 10th, I've lost 14 lbs. In 6 weeks. And I haven't really been exercising (not bragging about it, just stating a fact). And by 'haven't really' I mean I go on occasional, very short, walks with the pups. Poor pups.

I've lost 21 lbs. total (a gain of 2 from the original 9 before seeing Dr. Brady - in case you're keeping track) and I'm planning on losing at least 30 more, but probably closer to 40-43. Currently I'm at the weight I was when I was feeling extremely over weight and desperate to lose, so I joined weight watchers and lost 30. It's amazing to me that right now I'm feeling pretty good. I notice the difference in how I feel and how clothes fit. It's all relative isn't it? I'm still pretty anxious to lose the weight, but before where this was my starting point, it's now my middle, and I'm happy that I've made it this far.

Anyway, I'm thrilled with how much better things are going.

{Sorry, that was a long '1.' Still with me?}

2 - A cat moved into our backyard about two months ago. She/he (we haven't become that well acquainted yet) is very friendly and comes when it's called. My parents have both said they feel bad that it's stuck outside, especially as it's getting colder. If it's invited into the house soon (by my parents, not me), I won't be that surprised. Some days I'll leave a little food out for it (not that I'm inviting it in, but I figure if it's going to live out there anyway, it may as well have food). Yesterday I saw it outside so I went out and called it (you know, the 'kitty, kitty, kitty!' and clicking tongue call). It came right over and let me pet it. It was arching into my hands, rubbing against my legs, and purring. After a little while I went into the house and brought out some food. It came over to eat and while it was eating it made these purring-but-not-purring noises and it sounded like it was talking to me. I've never seen a cat do that before. It was pretty cute.

3 - In 1993 my grandma bought a new green honda accord. She took me to the DMV to take my driver's license test in that car - and I passed. In 1999 they passed the car onto my parents and I drove it senior year of high school. My sister drove it her senior year of high school, and when my brother came home from his mission in 2001 after my sister graduated, he bought the car from my parents. Three years later when I got home from my mission, my sister and I bought it from my brother. Less than a year later when my sister got married, I bought her half. I've been driving it for a little over 9 years. I love this car.

There's a point to this.

I'm starting to look into getting a new (to me) car. My awesome little green honda is getting pretty run down. I'm sad at just the idea of getting rid of it, so it might be slightly traumatic when the time finally comes. I emailed (at my mom's suggestion) my grandma asking about the possibility of her getting a new car and passing on her current car (a 10-year old honda accord) to me. She and my grandpa were ready to give me their car when my car was stolen, so I know it's not outside the realm of possibility. But I told her multiple times that there's no pressure to do so, I just thought I'd explore this option before looking elsewhere.

Also, I think my dad has been ready to get rid of his (7-year old) pontiac whenever he has a legitimate reason to. He was also ready to pass his car on to me before my car was found. So it looks like I've got some possible options. I'd rather stay with a foreign car. They seem to hold up better - and I'm in love with Honda; but I'll do whatever makes the most sense.

I've put some money into this car to get things fixed, but each time I've done that it's been totally worth it. The money I've spent over the years doesn't come close to adding up to what a car payment would have been, so I'm really glad I've held on to it for as long as I have.

4 - I went to a training last Saturday for therapy dogs. I learned what's required of a therapy dog team (my and my pup) and what he needs to learn to pass the evaluation. I want to get Max certified as a therapy dog. He has an amazing temperament and is great with humans (and animals) of all sizes and ages. There are some people who have come to the house multiple times who aren't dog people but love this dog. He's awesome. And I'm only a little biased.

I think he's just about ready to pass the evaluation too. There are a couple of things I want to work on with him, but I don't think it'll take long to get him ready.

I won't even consider Belle as a therapy dog. First of all, she wouldn't come close to passing the evaluation. Second, just no.

5 - I left my phone at work today. Other than bothering a couple of co-workers to get some numbers from my contacts and send a text for me, I really haven't needed it. It's been good to have a little bit of a break from it. It makes me think about unplugging for 24 hours. I think I'll try that sometime.

6 - My very talented designer/decorated friend is helping me redecorate my bedroom. On Monday she told me how to rearrange things, so I did. We'll try to go look at bedding sets sometime too. In the process I've decided I made a big mistake when I bought a new bed and stayed with a twin. I should have at least gone with a queen. Two or three nights ago when Belle fell off the bed I figured that her vote would be for a bigger bed - assuming I gave her a vote. Which I don't. But I'm wanting the queen enough that she doesn't even need a vote. So I'm trying to sell my twin mattress set on ksl and I mentioned it on facebook. Good luck to me.

7 - I love, love, love this flash mob. It's my favorite. And sometimes I look it up just so I can watch it a few or 13 times.

I love the music, I love the song, I love the composer, I love that Beethoven was almost completely deaf when he composed this symphony. I love that this is called 'Ode to Joy' when he himself had had a fairly joyless life. I love that when he conducted this his directing got off and he was still leading when the orchestra and choir finished. I love that one of the singers stopped him and turned him around so he could see the crowd standing, cheering, and waving hats, handkerchiefs, and hands in the air. I love it all. I'd love to learn the song. In German. And English.

How's that for a catch-up?

I'm sure there's more, I just can't think of it right now.

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Bryson and Tara said...

That was a beautiful song. Thank you for sharing! And thanks for writing what you did about Beethoven. I didn't know that before...

Yay for feeling better and losing weight. Voodoo doctor, huh? Very cool.