Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween - Dog Parade

2nd year in a row, I got to the dog parade in Park City.

Good times -

a granny...? not really sure, but it was so comfortable sitting there, and was really cute.

chia pet.

wonder woman.

over a year ago a friend sent me a picture of a labradoodle lion cut and told me i was obligated to give max one.
i may have to try it next year.
maybe i'll give belle one too.


loved this owl.

and this raven/crow mix.

after all the social anxiety caused by being around a ton of strange dogs, belle was exhausted.

after all the fun of meeting a million new friends, max was exhausted.

i came home and made butternut squash fries. so good!

and watched hocus pocus in honor of my youngest brother. (:

Bonus -

i was idina/elphaba for work, and i left the hat on my zombie mask when i had to leave early.

Side Note - I would have been green - using eyeshadow - but was reminded last week that I had a news interview to do on Halloween in the middle of the day. Nope, wasn't going to be green for that. I hate dressing up, and I hate being on TV; there was no way I was going to do both of them at the same time.

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Emily Johnson said...

So...I've made sweet potato fries, but not butternut squash fries. They sound yummy! How do you make them?