Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Eve

Wednesday morning I pulled into the work parking lot, put the club on my steering wheel, climbed out of the car, and heard what sounded like sprinklers.

Except there were no sprinklers on.

As I walked to the trunk to get my purse, I saw the air gushing from my back driver's side tire. It was deflating as I watched.

Thank goodness for AAA.

He came, put air in my never-been-used (at least as long as I've owned the car - 9 years) spare, and changed the tire.

the bolt.


the first hero of the day.

the car with the spare.

When I left work a few hours later - headed straight for Discount Tire in Draper - I was driving no faster than 50 on the freeway (my dad had mentioned not driving faster than 55 on a spare, and some quick google searches said spare tires have a speed written on them, mine said 50) with my hazards on so people wouldn't think I was just a horrible driver.

More than halfway home my car started jerking (more than usual at freeway speeds) a lot. I pulled over when I could and checked the other tires thinking maybe I had run over something else when I parked at work. The other three were fine, and I circled around back to the spare.

Extremely flat.

Thank goodness for AAA again.

my second hero arrives.

loads the car at the risk to his life - literally.i read earlier in the day that one tow truck driver is killed every day in the States.

my sad car.

He took me to Discount Tire where the tire was fixed and the shredded spare was put back in my trunk. Now I need another spare (which I was told would cost me at least $150) or a wheel from a salvage yard and then a new tire (which will most likely be cheaper).


faith said...

What a bummer!! Grateful for AAA for you b

simplysarah said...

We love AAA too! Don't know if this is any help, but I once bought some used tires (in order to pass safety inspection - I wasn't ready to buy a whole new set at the time) at a discount/used tire place in Salt Lake. I think they were crazy cheap like $25 each or something. Would that work as a spare?