Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Have you seen this man?

Have you seen him do this?

Ty Murray, "King of the Cowboys," is my favorite on Dancing With the Stars. I'm actually kind of surprised he's lasted as long as he has, because he's definitely not the best dancer on the show.

I like him because he seems really nice (soft-spoken, gentlemanly) and because he first time I saw him dance (I started watching a few weeks into the season) his partner slipped on her dress and he caught her, steadied her, and off they went. Didn't phase him at all. That really impressed me. (I'm always more easily impressed by the guys than the girls on this show because the guy needs to learn how to lead and the girl just needs to learn to follow. When I took a dance class, it seemed to me that following was easier than leading.) Of course, he's used to doing this:

so that slip probably seemed like a very trivial thing to him.

I'm especially glad that he's still on the show after Len told him that unless he came out flawless during the team tango, he thought it was time that Ty "hit the trail." Luckily, he did come out with a great tango.

I'm kind of anticipating his getting bumped next week but I really hope not!

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Rebecca said...

why didn't you tell me that you know (who) the KING OF THE COWBOYS (is)!!!!! Do you know how this will help our.....palooza!!!!!!!!!