Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Have Three Words For You: Un Be Lievable!

I'm the green car.

As I was skidding toward the stopped car I had the brake down to the floor. I didn't want to release then reapply because I didn't want to take the chance of accelerating. I covered my hand with my mouth when I was stopped and realized how close I was to the car (within inches, literally). I couldn't believe I never heard or felt the impact of cars crunching (I hate that sound).

The girl (one of the smiling faces - though I doubt she was smiling at the time) ran over as I rolled down my window. We quickly decided that I had, in fact, not hit the car and I drove away.

I was shaking for a while after and so relieved that I hadn't hit the car.

Close call.

Way too close.

I really wanted to pull out my camera and document how close the cars were to each other but decided it probably wasn't appropriate so you'll have to make do with my diagrams.


faith said...

wow! glad you're okay and that you didn't hit the car. that's scary.
i'm so glad it doesn't really snow here.

Deja said...

Yikes. I hate close calls. Almost as much as I hate real calls. Glad you're safe.

Katie Rod said...

That's crazy. So why was the car stopped in the middle of the road (or am I reading the diagram completely wrong)?

eden said...

nope, you're reading it completely right. i'm not sure if they had an accident with the car in front of them, or if they got stuck in the snow on the side.

i didn't stay around to ask. (: