Monday, April 6, 2009


(no those aren't my legs)

I'm sure doctors love it when a patient comes in with an answer to the problem.

For the last week or so my knee has been hurting. A lot. And getting worse each day. It happened while I was still "resting" and trying to get my foot to recover from a run.

I hadn't been running for two weeks when it started hurting. At first I ignored it thinking it would just go away since I wasn't really doing anything active anyway.

It didn't.

I went in to the doctor last week and talked to him about it. He told me to rest it.

Rest it.


I had been resting for two weeks.


That's when I decided to follow through with my self-diagnosis (that I hadn't mentioned to him).

I think it might be tendinitis. I've had experience with tendinitis in my wrists for 9 years now.

When my wrist(s) start hurting, I put on a brace, let it rest, then take it off when it feels better.(not my hand either)

I'm trying that on my knee.

Already it's been feeling a little better.

I understand the rest thing, but sometimes it just needs some support too.

And sometimes it's just nice to have a name for the problem.


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Stella said...

Sorry to hear that your body isn't cooperating with your amazing running habits. I've never had tendinitis - but from what I know about it I don't think I ever want to. Best wishes friend!