Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On Sunday I was finally able to satisfy a long-time desire to watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

I love that movie.

From "The Making Of" I learned that Benjamin is not a dancer (although he is the most handsome of the brothers in my opinion). He's an actor. He never really dances in the movie except for a little bit during the barn dance. Gideon isn't a dancer either, he's an acrobat / tumbler, so with his background, he was able to participate in the dance numbers. It was kind of fun to watch that too.

When I was done, I watched my favorite song / dance numbers. Which was almost the whole movie again, I just skipped over the speaking parts. (I would sometimes pick a different character to follow throughout the scene. It kind of changes things up a little bit.)

Good times.

Now, enjoy the next 6 and a half minutes of your life by watching the following:

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers-Barn Dance
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