Thursday, April 30, 2009

In Just a Few Short Hours...

Off [I] go into the wild blue yonder,
[I'll be] climbing high into the sun.

(sweet picture, isn't it?!)

I'm going to babysit my sister's extremely cute children this weekend.

She and her husband are going to participate in this triathlon on Saturday.

I get to stay at home with the little ones.

I'm so excited.

Additional "News":

What is it that causes this sign to be necessary?
It's this mass of humanity.
They're everywhere. While they're haunting the halls and running people over tomorrow, I'll be far, far away.

By Monday, they'll be gone.

(this is them lining up outside our two-stall bathroom. when the line got too long, they comandeered the men's restroom.)


faith said...

i hate women's conference for that reason...
have fun with the callisters!

k. double-u. said...

I didn't realize a restroom COULD be commandeered, but it sounds perfectly possible given the circumstances.

Katie Rod said...

That poor bathroom. I am sure the guys had fun trying to locate a male restroom. Have fun in CA!