Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Language Lesson

Did you know "mbava" means "thief" in Shona and Chichewa?

Here's my story:

Yesterday after work I ran down to the bookstore to get a couple of moving boxes and a roll of tape. I was on the phone with my sister while I grabbed what I needed and went to the register. I put it all on the counter. The girl ringing me up was also on the phone. She gave me my total, I paid, then happily walked away with my purchases, still talking to Faith.

It wasn't until I was in the car and off the phone that the total clicked in. She had said 9 dollars and some odd cents. The boxes were 3 a piece and I was sure the tape was more than a penny.

I pulled out the receipt:

I did what any self-respecting, honest person would do. I called my sister back immediately and told her that I had stolen tape and it was her fault.

I was already home so I emailed myself to remind me of my criminal act when I got to work today:
Here's a picture of my loot:

And here's proof of ownership:

Notice the 20% off (everything in the store) sale that was going on today that wasn't going on yesterday. That's what you get for stealing and then repenting. 20% off the cost.

I've learned my lesson.


I have.

Apparently crime does pay.


faith said...

i'm glad you got it taken care of. :)

Rebecca said...

I feel cool to know that I associate with such a conniving person such as yourself.....

Stella said...

you are my hero!!!