Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Story

Does this tire look flat to you?

It looked kind of flat to me. Enough so, that I called family reinforcements to come and help me. My dad turned around when he was close to work, and my brother-in-law came from home. I told them that I wasn't sure it was flat and I'd feel really bad (and stupid) if they came to help and it wasn't flat.

Turns out: it wasn't flat. I had hit a pothole kind of hard and heard an unpleasant *thunk* so when the car started kind of dragging on the freeway I got a little nervous. I should have accounted more for the rain.

When I called my co-worker telling her that I was going to be late because of a "potential" flat tire I told her that one of two things would come of this:

1 - I really would have a flat tire and would be given props for being smart and pulling over.
2 - I wouldn't have a flat tire and my family would be given leave to tease me about this for years to come.

So, I ask you again:

Does this tire look flat to you?

Family: I give you leave. Proceed as you see fit.


Bethany said...

Nope, sorry. But I guess better safe than sorry.

faith said...

i'd say it could be a little low... but yes, better safe than sorry.

Deja said...

When they're flat, they're REALLY flat.

Probably good to fill up when it gets this low anyway. Might have blew if you hadn't.