Friday, June 19, 2009

Brilliant in Theory

While walking on the mountain on Wednesday I was thinking about how much I like being outside and also about how much I like to read and how sad it is that I couldn't do both at once.

Inspiration struck!

Audio books.

Sure that there were free ones online, I started searching. I came up with a few good possibilities, and settled on this one.

I downloaded Robinson Crusoe, loaded it onto my mp3 player, and away I went.


The reader has such a hard voice to pay attention to and it's difficult to make sense of what's happening. He makes it sound like the end of a sentence and then you find out it's not the end of the sentence by his next words. Example:

It reads: "She said she knew it would not be easy."

He reads: "She said she knew it. Would not be easy."

It's really frustrating.

I downloaded Emma too.

Maybe I'll try that for a bit and hope the reader is more exciting.

It bothered me enough to look into volunteering myself. I may not be the best reader, but I can tell when a sentence ends.

However, something I'm sincerely concerned about: For those of you who know my voice, tell me if it's the kind of voice that would get annoying and hard to listen to after a while. Please. I won't be offended (but please be gentle), and I don't want to give someone else the desire to poke their eyes out.


simplysarah said...

I don't know if you have an ipod (I don't) but there are lots of free podcasts that are really audiobooks, chapter by chapter. I was listening to some anne of green gables once that wasn't bad. Also, if you have a library card, your county library site might have free downloads available.

Caitlin said...

Sarah has good ideas - and also, just the library . . . they have books on cd that you can also load on to your ipod (and delete when finished) :)

Jennie, Shane, Cayden, Christian & Evan said...

I got my dad Michael J. Fox's book, Always Looking Up...Fox reads it himself; my dad's enjoying it! maybe you could give it a shot. I have the audio file if you want to borrow it!