Monday, June 15, 2009

Reading ADD?

I feel like I have reading ADD. I'll start a book, and before I'm done with it, I'll start another one... or two... sometimes even three or more.

These are the books between which I am currently trying to divide my attention (The Long Walk is currently taking most of my time):

And these are the books that I want to add to my attention:

ps - the mud run was awesome and I really want to do it again this October... we'll see. more details (and maybe pictures) to come.


simplysarah said...

I love to read. I just don't do it very often. I also get reading ADD...

but anyway, you're reading the abridged version of Les Mis right? Because I tried the full-length one, I really did, and then the Marius-Cosette love story was so silly that I lost steam. Finally I had to skip to the war stuff and finish.

eden said...

it's actually the unabridged. i haven't gotten far enough for the love story but i'll let you know what i think when i get there!