Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Walked Up A Mountain

After recently being inspired by reading this post in my friend's blog (it's an older post, but I had just discovered her blog), I kind of followed suit. I went on a hike yesterday. Kind of a spontaneous one. It wasn't long and it wasn't far from home (I walked through a neighborhood behind my house and found the trail head), but I did it. With my dog. And I loved it.

He enjoyed it too.

At one point I was worried about his being able to get down a steep climb on his own and couldn't decide if I should take him off the leash, or leave him on so I could try to catch him if he slipped. There were no cliffs around so I figured a fall wouldn't be too disastrous if it occurred, and I let him off the leash. No sooner done than he was already at the bottom.

He's quite the hiker.

And this was his first time.

We're going again.

Maybe tonight.

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simplysarah said...

Awesome! Also, excellent comedic timing in your writing style. You're a funny girl.