Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Falling Apart

I went to see my physical therapist this morning. I went over the things that were hurting (left hip - a recurring problem, left knee, and right ankle), and mentioned that my hip and ankle have been bad since about January and my knee since... March(?). I confessed that because I had the marathon in my near future I decided to just wait until that and the mud run a few short weeks later before coming in to see him.

Rather than being immature and ignoring him when he would have told me not to run, I was immature and just avoided the situation entirely.

He laughed.

Then got to work.

I knew my SI joint was the problem (same problem that kept me from running the St. George Marathon last October) but for me knee and ankle, I wasn't so sure, though I had tentatively self-diagnosed tendinitis in my knee. He told me I had patella tendinitis and an IT band problem.


After getting electrical stimulation treatment on all three areas and a massage for my SI joint (which felt absolutely heavenly - her hands were perfect!), the doctor came back in and started stretches to help me loosen up.

I think I know why he kept my back to him the whole time - he didn't want to see the look of agony on my face during some of the stretches.

Hopefully it will only get better.

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simplysarah said...

I have an IT band problem too! I feel your pain! I've been self-treating with a foam roller, and I hate it. I just want to go run. DOH!