Saturday, May 7, 2011

Race #2

This morning I woke up early to run in the Susan G. Komen 5k in downtown SLC. After waking up, checking to make sure Dingo didn't mess in my room during the night (he scratched on the door multiple times and I was too exhausted to get up so I ignored him, knowing as I did so that he could quite possibly be leaving me something to clean up - thank goodness he didn't!), getting dressed for running, trying to convince the dogs they couldn't go with me, and sneaking away from them to my car, I headed for the train station. On the way there I noticed tht I had a 'brake lamp' warning on my dashboard (more on that later).

Now I'm literally falling asleep as I type this, and having to check and recheck typed in sentances because I'm not always making sense to myself.

I wouldn't even publish this, but I told a friend that I'd publish a post a least once a day in May.

More to come (in an updated version of this same post):

  • cute dogs running
  • thousands of runners
  • my cousin and his family
  • catching the train on the way home
  • fixing the brake lamp
  • picking up my weekly basket
  • and maybe more... (:

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