Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gum Disease and Other News

Every once in a while I'm reminded that my gums above my front two teeth are uneven. One is higher than the other, and makes the tooth look a little longer. Have you noticed this? Probably Hopefully not.

Occasionally when I run my tongue along my teeth, I'll feel the difference in the position of my gums (this is what reminds me).

I immediately freak out thinking that my tooth is horribly exposed and starting to look like a corpse's teeth, and I'm never ever ever going to smile again.

Then I jump up and run to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

I do this regardless of what time of day it is, when my last meal was, and even though I may have brushed my teeth some few hours earlier.

While readying the toothbrush and toothpaste, I look in the mirror with my lips pulled back in a snarling grimace so I can take a look at the offending gumline.

After scaring myself I immediately brush my teeth, focusing on that one spot trying to encourage my gums to lower themselves on that one tooth.

It never does.

After the frantic brushing, I run to my computer and google 'gum disease,' 'gingivitis,' 'uneven gum line,' and 'am i going to die because my gumline is uneven'. Not necessarily in that order.

Good news, I'm not going to die.

Other good news, I probably don't have gum disease or gingivitis either. My gums have never been inflamed or tender, my teeth never feel loose, I've never had a lip piercing*, and the dentist has never said anything to me about my gum line.


So I'm in the clear.

For now.

Until I get a lip piercing.

In other news -

After reading this article that a friend of mine shared on facebook, I've been working at a makeshift standing desk.

For the last two hours or so (some, but not all of that spent searching frantically for proof that my life was not in jeopardy due to my hideously disfigured gums) I've been standing at this box-on-the-island desk.

This isn't a sales plug, but if it were, I would point out the isagenix box that my computer is resting on. And how it seems to made for creating your own standing desk. My elbows are almost at a 90-degree angle, and there's no strain on my wrists. These are both good things.

Granted, because it's a laptop I can't have the screen at the right height and the keyboard in the right position at the same time. Baby steps people. At least I'm standing.

My legs are tired, but I think that's kind of the point.

Separate topic now - I just got this in the mail -

- it's a horrible picture, but it's a little angel.

I'm normally not much for things like this, but I love this one.

Not sure why exactly.

I got it here.

Now I'll go back to practicing ways to hide my gums from you when I smile.

If it looks something like this -

- well then, I'm sorry.


Katie Rod said... are always making me laugh. Hey, so what's the scoop for life post graduation??

faith said...

Okay, I'm just going to say bad idea on brushing your teeth every time you notice your uneven gum line. I saw a Law&Order:CI (is that the one with the roach guy?) where the brilliant detective (the roach guy) looked inside the victim's mouth at the beginning and said the victim was left-handed. This was because the gums on her right side were worn down from the teeth more because she brushed stronger on that side (and because of the angles, yada, yada, yada, he knew that). So, brushing more and brushing stronger would cause the gums to recede more. If anything, just brush the tooth with the lower gum line. That should do the trick. :)

Love the smile, by the way.

eden said...

i'm glad you're laughing katie. (:

post-graduation... find a job. somewhere. anywhere. not picky about what or where. it's not the easiest time to find a job, but there are public health jobs out there... so it's possible.

bob's retiring this summer (did you hear about that?!) so maybe i'll apply for his job. (: he thinks i should.

faith, ci with roach guy, yes. and that's awesome that you learned that. thanks for sharing, i had no idea. maybe i should just start brushing my teeth left-handed.