Friday, May 20, 2011

They're Not Bad Dogs, But They Do Bad Things...

On Monday I listened to a message on my phone from this guy who said he found my dogs and had them in his car and would like to bring them to me.

I was in Provo.

I called him back, left a message, and then called my mom at home.

She had the dogs back because he had called the home number too.

I'm so glad they both have ID tags on them. (I got Max one in December.)

They had dug a hole under the fence, gone a mile down to the park, wandered around the roundabout close by the park, then Max jumped out in front of this guy's car. The guy almost hit him (but didn't), followed them to the park, looked around for a frantic owner who lost two dogs, didn't see a frantic owner, called the numbers on the dog's tags and got them into his car.

Some people I've told the story to have been surprised that they got into his car.

I'm not.

They're nice dogs, and they like people.

While I'm not sure Dingo would have gone easily into his car had he been alone, I'm guessing that Max didn't hesitate (he's a genius. and loves everyone so I don't think he understands that everyone might not love him) and then Dingo followed.

It could have been a lot worse than that.

I'm so glad it wasn't.

Here's the inspiration for my title -
(I really wish they showed the lecture she gave them right before this)

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faith said...

VERY bad things. Book, dogs. What a nice guy to help out.