Saturday, May 14, 2011

Every Summer

I found this when I googled 'radiation-attacked-lobster'
you'll see why I googled that in a minute

I found out years and years ago (I'm 29, so I have 'years and years' behind me) that when I get sunburned, it turns tan, and then I proceed to get darker from there. And if it does happen to peel, it peels to the same color underneath as I was on top, so I don't have to start the sunburning process again.

Is this the healthy for your skin?

Fact: No.

I am so aware of this fact, that yesterday while basking in the glorious sunlight I almost texted my classmate who's always been cancer-focused and is now working in the cancer dept. at UDOH saying, 'I'm in the process of giving myself skin cancer. Just thought I'd let you know.'

So, while I obviously know what sunburns can do to my skin, it's not enough to keep me from being in the sun. And I've never been a great sunscreen-user either. I do, however, use face lotion that's spf 15...

So that's somethin'.

Anyway, yesterday, I sat in the sun for a little over an hour. It felt wonderful. It wasn't too hot, and there was a light breeze that kept me cool. It was perfect. And also deceptive. I've long ago realized that my worst burns come when there's a breeze outside. It's almost as if I believe, 'well, if I don't feel the uv rays beating down on me, then they're not beating down on me.'

This is a lie.

I came inside looking for tan lines and seeing a few faint marks.

Until later.

When I was getting dressed to go to my temple shift I noticed I was kind of red. When I got to the temple I noticed I was redder than I had initially thought. When I crouched down to reload some clothing bins I realized that the backs of my knees hurt. A lot. When I changed out of my temple clothes and was standing in my full-length slip... I looked like a lobster. I looked like I should have super-radiation-powers. I looked like a radiation-attacked-lobster.


I was red.

I went home, put aloe vera on, and went to sleep.

This morning when I woke up - not as red. It's already fading.

Looks like my plan is working.

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Emily said...

I am in the exact same situation except I haven't convinced myself to wear spf 15 face lotion. So, I applaud you.